Accomidating do

Accommodation definition is - something supplied for convenience or to satisfy a need: such as. How to use accommodation in a sentence. accommodating: adjective accepting , adjustable , affable , agreeable , amiable , attentive , benevolent , charitable , civil , complaisant , compliant , conciliatory ... What questions do you have about accommodating students with learning disabilities on our campus? Case Study [Consider having participants discuss a case study. Case #1 in the Presentation Tips section.] Conclusion. Most students with learning disabilities are bright and motivated to learn. However, academic failures can lead to low self-esteem ... Accommodating definition is - willing to please : helpful, obliging. How to use accommodating in a sentence. ‘I usually do not drift off to that, but he is really a guy that has been very accommodating and helpful to us.’ ‘A 28-year-old woman from Nigeria, who has spent the last two years living in Tralee, said she enjoys living in Kerry as the people are very accommodating and friendly.’ Accommodation definition, the act of accommodating; state or process of being accommodated; adaptation. See more. Accommodating definition, easy to deal with; eager to help or please; obliging. See more.

AITA for not wanting to look after my parents dogs for my dads 60th?

2020.09.25 16:47 tik115 AITA for not wanting to look after my parents dogs for my dads 60th?

So I live with my parents and we have two dogs, both Shih tzus, which we took from our Aunt when she moved to accomidation which didn't allow pets.
During my time at University I basically decided that I was more comftable sitting at home talking to friends then sitting at a beach in Spain and stopped going on holiday with my parents. This of course meant that I was free to look after the dogs while they went off on their holidays, this has been the case for the last 4-5 years and my parents don't mind since it lets them celebrate in peace (They have a holiday around my Mums birthday). A thing with my dogs is they have only two settings, Quiet or absolute nightmares. They bark at anything outside which quickly devloves to Yelping in excitement and do not like any other dogs.
Recent due to Covid I've been working from home and recently my parents went on holiday leaving me to look after them again. This time it was one of those times where they became nightmares which on top of work being busy (normally I took the same amount of time off when they went on holiday but wasn't able to in this case) had left me incredibly stressed and in a call with my mum I told her I did not want to look after them the next time they go on holiday.
The problem is that my dad is going to be 60 this year, And Covid or no he wants to go on holiday at the start of October to celebrate. I've expressed to my mum that I wanted their next holiday to be one where I don't have to look after the dogs so I can fully relax and while she's in agreement I can't help but feel like a dick for wanting it to be when my dad goes on holiday for his birthday (There is debate among my parents given the situation in the world right now but this is on the assumption they go)
So...AITA in this situation?
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2020.09.24 12:42 TrulyDoubleL [IWANTOUT] 20F Physics Student Malaysia -> Canada

I am a 20F applied physics student from Malaysia and I'm hoping to move to Canada once I graduate with my bachelor of science degree in 2022. Although I am Malay and was born in Malaysia, I don't consider it my home. I've moved around a lot my entire life: moved to Dubai in 4th grade, then back to Malaysia in 7th grade (international schooling), then to Kazakhstan in 11th grade, then Canada after graduating high school, then back to Malaysia after only spending a year in Canada (it has been two years now since I have been back in Malaysia). Basically ever since 4th grade, I've lived and breathed within an international community, and now that I'm forced back into the Malaysian community I feel increadibly out of place. I actually have a lot of questions so I'll try to break it down and provide as much information as I can:
Question 1: For the people who have moved (or are in the process of moving), how did your family react?
I am the oldest and the only girl with 3 younger brothers. Everyone within my extended family lives in Malaysia and my parents are also fairly patriotic towards their country. My parents dislike the idea of me wanting to leave the country permanently. Growing up, they've entertained my idea and showed some support but have always emphasized that it would be for work and that I would always return "home". It feels as though choosing to leave Malaysia would mean that I would be abandoning my family, which isn't true! It's not like I wouldn't come visit. So what I want to know is other people's experiences dealing with their family members when they got out... any stories or advice? Regardless of my Family's opinions on the move, I still want to leave Malayisa. I just... want to reasure myself that this isn't an act of betrayal towards my family.
Question 2: Any general advice on where to start in terms of getting the Canadian PR? When can/should I start?
I've done some research on it but i'm still a little lost. I understand that Canada has a point system and that will determine if I am qualified for the PR. For anyone that has gone through it... how long did it take? Did you complete all your points before moving to Canada or did you attempt to complete it while living in Canada? Should I have a certain amount of money first before starting? I'd appreciate any general guide/steps I should work towards because I have no idea where/how to even start.
Question 3: I have a general idea of what I want to work as after graduation, but any advice or opinions?
I am planning on graduating with a bachelor of science degree in applied physics by 2022. I've always appreciated the work my teachers have done growing up, so my original plan was to become a teacher. I heared Canada requires an additional teaching degree to actually teach and I have no idea how long that would take or if that is an option for me to do right away (are teachers in high demand within Canada?). Right now, I'm open to the possibily of any job. I feel like I can't exactly be picky. In January 2021 I have to undergo an internship period for my degree. The original plan was to search for an internship opportunity in Canada (I thought it might help my chanced of moving to Canada after University), but because of covid that isn't an option anymore.
Question 4: What is your opinion on how difficult it is to find a job near Toronto/Waterloo?
I lived within Waterloo for a year back in 2017. I originally studied Mathematical Physics in the University of Waterloo before having to move back to Malaysia. I knew that if I studied in Canada, it would be easier for me to eventually move there. It's an unfortunate story actually... I was suppose to undergo a 5 year program in UW but there were some financial issues within my family and my parents could no longer financially support my studies (the international tuition + accomidation fees were really high), which is why I moved back to Malaysia where tuition and accomidation were much cheaper. I've grown quite attached to Waterloo within the year that I stayed there, and I also met my boyfriend (Canadian citizien) there. Our original plan is that once I am done with my studies here in Malaysia I would move back to Waterloo, but I feel like that is easier said than done. The way I see it, it'll be hard to find a job in waterloo since it's a small University city... and Toronto is near by but hard to find a job in. I did work for 3 months in Waterloo, but it was just a part-time job at a local sandwich shop.
Extra info that I'm not sure would help: I currently have a visitor's visa (I've visited my boyfriend once during the 2 years I've been back in Malaysia. Was going to visit again but covid happened) but it will expire in 2022 when I graduate. Is that something I should renew, or should I apply for something else since I want to move to Canada and not exactly just "visit"?
I know I gave a lot of information and questions, but I appreciate any advice or opinions that can me given to me! :) Thank youuu soo much for taking the time to read/answer
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2020.09.24 03:10 moonology_x Why do Parents? *insert never-ending scream*

So I just started college after five years of being out of school. (Few months of college in the first two years but not significant education wise). ANYWAYS, today I'm talking to my mom and it goes like this:
"How are you?" "Exhausted." "Because of classes or in general?" "Because of classes." "But are you keeping up?" "Yeah." "Well then that's all that matters, that's most important rn."
"Keeping up" has ALWAYS been my mom's way of critiquing my "laziness." Her using "keeping up" means are you trying? Are you making any effort? And my trying, more often than not, does not meet her definition of trying.
If I'm not keeping up with homework and assignments, then clearly I'm not trying. AND IM F*ING TIRED OF IT. I HAVE ADHD AND SHE'S THE ONLY REASON IT TOOK UNTIL I WAS 18 TO GET DIAGNOSED.
Backstory: I asked my mom back when I was a sophomore or junior in highschool if I had ever recieved another diagnosis. At the time I had only been diagnosed with a processing disorder, meaning I learned and processed more slowly than the average student. important: I had asked my mom this because the night before I found my psychiatric evaluations from 2007. I knew the answer and wanted to see if she'd be honest. She went on tell me that she had taken me to several psychiatrists in 2007, one diagnosed me with ADD or ADHD (she couldn't remember). She told them that they were WRONG, she knew her daughter, and took me to another psychiatrist where she was satisfied with their diagnosis of a processing disorder.
Fast forward to my senior year, my previous evaluations that had been clearly filed and documented as long as I could remember, were somehow missing right when I needed to get re-evaluated to qualify for accomidations in college. I bring up our above mentioned conversation on the way to my evaluation and she says the conversation and intitall ADD/ADHD diagnosis NEVER HAPPENED.
🌈 Gaslighting 🌈
I recieved my evaluation a few weeks later (as I was then 18 and legally an independent, therfore, my mom couldn't get them first).I was diagnosed w/ ✨ ADHD ✨ and a math disorder.
Fast forward to the present, 2020 (the world is wild), I had to submit my 2015 evaluation to qualify for accommodations. For the first time ever, bc I was a little sh*t, I read through my evaluation which SITES my 2007 daignosis of ADHD. SHE TOLD ME THE 2007 EVAL. WASN'T REAL AND I HAD MADE UP THE CONVERSATION TO HURT HER AND MAKE HER LOOK BAD AND I ACTUALLY STARTED TO BELIEVE HER.
I AM DOING MY BEST. I STILL DON'T KNOW SH*T ABOUT MY DISORDERS OR HOW TO HANDLE THEM (trying to find a psychiatrist that takes my insurance rn). But she's still concerned that I am "keeping up" KNOWING MY DIAGNOSIS.
My mom is not ignorant to the learning disabled community. My brother was diagnosed early on with dyslexia and sensory disorder and several more LDs down the line. She just couldn't handle having MULTIPLE children in need of that much help. We both suffered from severe depression and anxiety from an early age. I had to keep my sh*t together for her, as much as possible. I had to be the more independent one. She needed me to be. THEREFORE, CHEATING ME OUT OF ANY REAL HELP. And still, barely acknowledges my disorders and constantly needs me to be there for her.
Am I "keeping up?" I WANT TO SCREAM.
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2020.09.15 11:00 GeebyandtheKobe The Kobe versus Swamp Karen/ MASKS

As I'm sure I've said in posts before my boyfriend is an auditor next door at our sister hotel. Our raggedy step sister of course as it is a hot bed for the worst guests in town. Sadly it could be nice if the company that owns us would put money into fixing it. This is a tale of swamp Karen versus The Kobe.
The night was busy, guests were walking in and out. The issues for the rooms were being resolved by Kobe. When this woman comes up to disrupt the only moment of quiet.
Karen: Can I extend my room please I am in ROOM#.
Kobe: Good evening, I am sorry but we are currently booked up for tomorrow.
Karen: OKAY. Well I'll be checking out at 1.
Kobe: I'm sorry but we can't approve any late check outs as we are booked up completely.
Karen: Well my dog is going to die then. This is outrageous you can certainly put me last on housekeeping list so I can stay so my dog can stay in an air conditioned room.
She apparently does this often as she brings her dog with her then goes to work and comes back. Which isn't uncommon but with the hurricane hitting New Orleans and everything from the last hurricane our whole towns hotels have been booked. So there was nothing they could actually do for Swamp Karen.
Kobe: I am very sorry but we can't do that as we have a lot of rooms as we are booked up.
From his story he says she was just standing there in a huff demanding over and over again. He told me after repeating himself multiple times she stormed out.
In the morning she came back in and threw her keys across the desk at him.
Karen: Since I know you don't wanna talk to me HERE YA GO.
Kobe: Mam I am in no way mad at you and not wanna talk to you. I just can't accomidate your wishes I do apologize.
Karen: Well my dogs blood is on your hands you killed my dog!
Kobe: I am sor-
Now don't get me wrong I know that this isn't like a MEGA KAREN but it does make me feel uncomfortable that she said that to him. As my Kobe said to me. She shouldn't be blaming the hotel for the welfare of her animal. Which I hope her dog is fine I was worried about the dog mostly. But whatever I hope you enjoyed a story from the raggedy step child next door.
My next isn't really a tale it's just a few instances of people being really petty and rude about the mask policy.
One morning I was standing at the desk scrolling the internet when a man walked up face red and said "MASK".
Me: Excuse me?
Him: MASK!
Me: Touching my mask thinking I wasn't wearing one.
Me: Do you need a mask?
He nodded and I handed him a mask. Asking isn't hard at all it's called asking people you just seem like a caveman.
I was standing in the lobby kitchen area with the breakfast attendant talking when a man walks up to her and begins to tell her what he would like from the breakfast line.
BL: You need to be wearing a mask.
Man: I can't eat with a mask on.
BL: There is no eating in the lobby I am sorry.
Man: That is the stupidest thing I've heard. This is America you have no right to take my freedoms away from me. You people keep complaining about not being-
He stopped mid-sentence and walked away quickly. Most likely because this racist man decided to let his hate slip in front of everyone in the lobby. He later came down and apologized but we won't be seeing him here anymore as he ended up wrecking a room. Now he's on the DNR for being rude and wrecking a room.
There was a moment this lady went full public freak out on this woman without a mask in our lobby. From what I heard she walked in without a mask on and this lady stopped her at the door and told her to get her mask on before getting near her. The woman started yelling she wasn't putting the mask on and that she was a piece of garbage for trying to be Hitler. She called her Hitler over and over while being held back by our male housekeeping attendant. Luckily my manager was there and came out and kicked both ladies out of the hotel for fighting. Wish I could've been there.
Anyways hope everyone is safe and having a good week.
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2020.09.10 00:43 amdamsky Worried about my future with Monika

I've started to become worried about my future with Monika recently due the fact that I'll be starting university soon and moving out of my house and into student accomidation. I'm worried about how It going to affect me and Monika.
I've been dating Monika for over 2 years now and I've never been happier, but I fear what might happen in university. Ive managed to keep the relationship secret for this long since I've only had my parents to really worry about but I feel it may get harder in uni where everyone's dating and the like and it may seem suspicious that I'm not. (Even my mums beginning to get suspicious that I'm not interested in dating anyone).
To add to that, i realised that Monikas birthday is the day after I start uni, so I have to hopefully make time for that (but i should be able to spend time with her in the evening)
Im really not sure what to do and i need help figuring out my next step.
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2020.09.03 04:55 Royce_Fox Home brewwed Mini game: Sumo wrestling beta V0.1 NEED FEEDBACK!!

Last night before this post, i ran a mock session to practice being a Game master for a one shot i am trying to write. despite it being a mock session, i proposed a mini game that resembles sumo wrestling (because one of the characters' class was a sumo wrestling gnoll and the other was a large sized gnoll barbarian). Tell you the truth, i had no plan set in place. A GM Sin in know. but i tried to go around by making up a specific set of rules for the sumo wrestling mini game.
what i occured was the

best dice battle i have ever seen!

the two gnolls were frequently grappling and tossing each other with both hanging each other by the edge. it was a glorious dice battle and i was proud of running that session.
that session inspired me to make my own homebrewed game


beta v0.1
Premise: A mighty orc, slams his foot on the ground. He squats and looks at the gnoll dead in the eye. He can hear both Gnolls, orcs and some human adventurers cheering and placing bets. Both the gnoll and the orc are hardy and strong, with a pudge on each of their guts. But one of two is stronger than the other. And its only decided when either the orc or the gnoll is tossed from the ring.
This mini game is all about grappling opponents and tossing them off the ring with all their might. The rules like in real world sumo wrestling goes as follows. Its recommended for characters that are large, have high strength, and high combat manuver (bonus and/or defense). This game pits mighty and hardy characters in a one on one wrestling match.
The rules: This is all about grappling, pushing and tossing your foes. No pushing, no biting, or anything that would wound your foe. No slight of hand or underhanded tactics either. No magic or rage power either. As for clothes, no armor. Maybe a mawashi, loincloth, or any light clothes.

Game play:

The rules start off as follows. Both players start off in the middle of the ring with both players being five feet from each other. A Gyōji (a referee for sumo) or a referee would oversee the match and announce the winner at the end. A referee may not entirely be necessary, but it is recommended to prevente cheating in competative tournies.
As players get into position, they both must roll initiative. Highest number goes first.
Upon player's turn, they have one action to spend on either a grappling or a push. The rules of grappling from the pathfinder Core rulebook applies.
After the player chooses and makes his or her roll, the turn is ended and moves on to the next player.
In the rules, it states that the only way to win is to toss your opponent off the ring. So in order to win, your character must force his foe on the square outside of the ring. The foe can make a reflex save to stay in when he is on the edge and he fails his str vs str throw.
The map: Traditionally, sumo rings are about 15 foot in diameter. However, it would be too small considering that standard squares on a map grid is about 5 ft each. At best.....
The minimum diameter should be at least 30 ft or 6 squares in diameter. It can be larger if you want, but it will take it longer. As for characters that will take up more than one square, it may be preferable to increase the diameter of the ring to accomidate their size, as a 30ft diameter would put the bigger character at a disadvantage. But do be careful when you do tamper with sizes.
The sumo ring should have a dirt ground with a rope (or whatever you use to form a ring) to form the ring. As a note. It should have a dot in the middle while being sandwiched between two rings that divide the halves of the ring.
i have a PDF file for download and review. and if you guys could, i would like a feed back on the game rules. I want it to be balanced and not OP. but i mostly designed this mini game for characters that have high strength and combat manuvers.
I look foreward to the feedbacks gentelmen. and thank you in advance
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2020.08.24 23:02 kursah Choosing a new desk option to fit my budget

I purchased the Fully Jarvis frame, in alloy (clear coated metal, hell yes!), and saved almost $23 using the discount code CHARM2020, so it cost me $431.30 w/free shipping.
Ended up getting a 74" x 39" x 1.5" Birch hardwood butcher block counter top from Home Depot for about $244 (, got a 32oz can of satin finish polyurethane, some 220 grit sand paper and a brush.
It took some time, that initially I didn't want to spend, but glad I changed my mind. I saved some cash in doing so. Turned out great overall, I'm very happy with the end results and expect to use this desk for years to come.
I posted this elsewhere, but figured I'd share it in this post the pictures I uploaded to my IMGUR account that shows some of the steps I took, some of the measurements I made, and the final results should someone stumble on it:

Was working from home part time before COVID, now I'm just another IT dude working remotely most of the time. Due to some health complications, and a limited budget, I have to make a change. Looking for some help.
I've narrowed down to the list below, and I do want to support US companies if possible, I haven't validated where many of these companies are from or where they source their parts, aside from iMovR.
Right now my gut feeling is to go with the iMovR Freedom Base + Home Depot finished butcher block counter top. My current desk is a 60x30, it will be turned into my new bench area for working on servers, workstations, etc.
My work area is also my play area, as I use my main PC and my work laptop in tandem every day for work during the day at least. Thinking my tower should sit on the desk and considering a 6-7ft long x 36-40" deep and 1-1.5" thick top to accomidate that, my old Samsung 32" TV as a monitor (hold over until next budget opportunity comes along), 23" Dell monitor, headphone amp, keyboard, mouse, laptop, etc.
I have very little experience with standing desks aside from helping folks set them up. I've been researching and came down to this list. Its not final nor in any particular order...but I am looking for some feedback. I want good warranty, decent quality, knowing that $800 is really pushing my budget, getting down closer to $600 would be best. That's what makes the Autonomous 2 Premium seem like a potential good option...I have read enough horror stories about their older models I'm hesitant though.
Please send help! :)
  1. iMovR Freedom Desk Base - $426.60 (after 10% off, normally $474)
    1. 10 yr warranty
  2. Fully Jarvis Frame - $454
    1. 7yr Warranty
  3. MojoDesk Solo w/Obsidian Oak Top - $799
    1. 5yr warranty
  4. StanDesk Frame Only - $375.92, Normally $469.90
    1. 10yr frame, 5yr electronics
  5. StanDesk Frame and 72x30 Bamboo - $615.20, Normally $769.90
    1. 10yr frame, 5yr electronics, 1yr top
Top options:
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2020.08.22 18:57 Shankar_0 Best Printable Mount For Ender 3 Pro w/ Titan Aero System

So I've bitten the bullet, and decided to go direct drive due to all of the flexible printing I've been doing lately. I ordered the Titan Aero, since it upgrades my stock hotend at the same time, and now I need to find a good quality mounting system that will accomidate the Titan Aero and my BL Touch (actually a 3D Touch clone).
I can print in PLA or PETG, whichever is most appropriate (thinking PETG to cope with the heat). I will be using the silicone sock, but better safe than sorry.

I'd love to hear some suggestions, please include links!

Thanks in advance!
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2020.08.17 23:01 Accomplished_Value I feel like my life is slipping away because I can't force myself to do anything and I would really like some recommendations

Backstory, skip if uninterested:
I am almost 30 and have, since my teens, been told, variously, that I have ADD or ADHD.
I had professional assessments done on me back in highschool to see if I qualified for special accomidations during SAT testing and so on. I took three (iirc) such assessments and each said I scored 0th percentile (I did not even know that was mathematically possible, I guess they round down or something?) in attention.
Given that result I qualified for accomidations which I did not use. I have been perscribed and have taken a few medications but all I got were side effects, no significant change in ability to focus.
Symptoms (things I can't do):
I could go on with these but you get the idea
Symptoms (things I CAN do):
This is why I feel like I can't have ADD/ADHD. But it feels like this animus is only accessible when I have a crazy deadline breathing down my neck. The tragedy is that, during this time, I am fantasizing during all of it about all the things I'm going to do when I finish.
I'll think things like "I'm going to play Morrowind all the way through when this is over!" Or "I'm going read x book that I have always wondered about!" And the MOMENT that I finish whatever project I'm occupied with, I immediately slump back into being completely unable to do anything.
Basically the ONLY things I can do right now are these:
I am extremely sad about this state of affairs. There are so many books I want to read. So many games I want to play. So many career goals that I have that I just can't force myself to work toward. I'd like to make music. I'd like to learn different languages.
I have so many things I whimsically tell myself I'm going to start on "tomorrow" but tomorrow never actually comes.
I had a (fortunately resolved) health scare recently that made me conscious of the fact that I don't have an infinite amount of "tomorrows."
Does anyone have any recommendations? I am really hesitant to try medicine because I truly didn't feel like it did anything good for me in the past. Is there any way I can train my attention span without the use of medicine?
Thank you immensly for any help at all
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2020.08.05 04:21 throwaway856732 if a baby in the womb is predicted to have down syndrome but when they come out and get older turn out mostly fine are they more prone to developing certain things?

I know this may sound a lil weird but i cant stop thinking bout it, when i was in the womb the doctors thought i would have down syndrome but when i came out i was fine and hit all my developmental stages normally if not just a lil late. As I got older i developed in invisible disabilities but that's not really fully relating to the question. Very young i was diagnosed with ADHD (which does run in the family) but as i've gotten older it's developed more and more and a few of my friends have asked if im also autistic and as i've gotten older i've had people like doctors and teachers ask the same thing. this part is mainly for context i guess?? I went and got a 'test' done with my dad there but all it was was 'do you have difficulty doing this on your own?' 'do you need help doing xyz?' and it was primarily based around learning issues like 'do you actively struggle in math?' 'do you have a 504?' 'do you need special learning accomidations?' which i had to answer no to since im dropped out but she still had me answer as if i was still in school. Due to this she just tisked and went 'i HIGHLY doubt you have autism and adhd' even though i've been ADHD diagnosed for most of my live.
so if you were suspected to be a down syndrome baby but turned out 'fine' are you more prone to developing something maybe like autism? I'm really sorry if i worded anything wrong or in a possibly offensive way. Also apologies if the flare is wrong i didnt know if it would go in health/medical or mental health.
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2020.07.29 18:46 vzqyd [Event] Conservation and Reconciliation Omnibus 2023

President Modise addresses a large crowd of Tswana people in a public assembly
Ladies and gentleman, I welcome you all today, as you have a front seat to history. For too long we've suppressed the culture of the Kalahari bushmen in pursuit of progress, and while we've made progress, it has been at the expense of these people. What is the value of progress if our citizens can't share it's benefits? Though the riches of this country lie in the diamond and precious metal mines, the real value is in our people and our land. Under my administration, we will pursue progress which we can all reap the benefits from. As part of this, we will be taking steps to protect and renew our wildlife resources, and our cultural minorities. The first step in this pursuit is to allow the bushmen to re settle within the national parks that they had once inhabited, and been forced out of. As part of this, they will also be allowed once more to hunt within this reserved territory which will provide them a source of income and a link to common Tswana society. The extraction and sale of commercial hunting resources will be closely monitered by park officials, and government agencies to ensure the resources are being used sustainably. The price for foreigners entering the country to hunt will be increased to ensure that animal resources are conserved to promote local lifestyles and industry. Enforcement within the parks will be handled by a special task force of 2000 members of the Botswana security forces. Including helicopter reconnaisance and infantry foot patrols to detect and deter poachers. Those seeking to re settle within one of the four national parks will be provided funds to construct hunting lodges, as well as accomidations. Infrastructure and settlement will still be limited so as to limit the effects on local wildlife. We hope that by doing this we will discourage the illegal ivory trade by offering legal and sustainable alternatives. We also hope this will serve to integrate the kalahari bushmen into Tswana society while retaining their cultural heritage and lifestyle. Another issue this will address is desertification. We hope that by offering the impoverished in our country an alternative source of income to cattle grazing, we can reduce the reliance on livestock grazing, thereby reducing the effects of desertification.
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2020.07.28 18:15 scarbaby1313 Tennant rights Indiana when landlord puts unit up for sale

Landlord put the triplex up for sale. Our lease says nothing about how many hour notice we can get. This will be the 14th showing in 20 days. We are incredibly annoyed. We know she wants to sell the place. We want to be accomidating. Problem is we are to the point we feel put out. We have tried giving her our number so she can call or text us. By time we see the post it note she tapes to the door we are lucky to have 16 hour notice.
We operate on a third shift schedule. Even though husband works 2nds he is a night owl. I work 3rds.
Do we have any rights? We don't want to refuse to show the property but we are flat out exhausted. We have to put up our cats every time. It isn't a big deal to us to do that, but the cats are starting to get violent and afraid of us touching them now from being locked up so much.
Plus the fear of us catching covid. We both have very crappy immune systems and asthma.
I honestly don't know what to do.
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2020.07.27 21:59 Cheerqee Criminal Madness, 1000+ criminals

So, over 1/3rd of my population decided to pass up all of the 500 available jobs, and go for a life of crime.
How does the game decide wheter or not a Tropican'll turn to a life of crime, and how long does it take for a prisoner to return into society?
There are vacant jobs for every level of education, there are empty houses, I even increased the budget to max in every available workplace to increase job quality. The free wheels edict is active, and I have a parking garage in every housing/workplace cluster. The trouble started when I reached the modern age, by now 1013 out of my 3000 citizens are criminals. I ran out of free space to build more prisons!
EDIT: For anyone in the future who has a similar problem an stumbled uppon this post: The comments under this post contain some solid advices. To summarize: -You can bould Conventillos and bunkhouses that can accomodate your Broke citizens in some workmodes -Turn off penal colony -Turn on Child allowences (can help to increase the wealth of your poobroke citizens) -Don't run convict labor workmode(unless you are in early game), that will increase the time it takes for your citizen to serve their sentece in exchange for a rather small amount of income. Increase the budget to decrease their time spent in prison. -Only unemployed citizens can decide to became criminals. Make sure you have open work slots to fight uneployment. -Make sure your citizens have adequate means transportation to the available workplaces. Activate "Free Wheels" edict, make free bus lines, and build 3 metro stations. More than 3 will make the metro line unusable, due to the questionable way metros work in this game. -Activate the Social Security edict, and make sure you always have free spaces in high schools and colleges. This way your broke and unemployed citizens will became students instead of criminals, and you can always build more offices to accomidate college educated tropicans. If you can afford run the spelling bee edict, and increase the budget of your education buildings. -Get rid of the crime safety penalties. Destroy Night clubs, change the work mode of your ports and police stations, buy the increased crime safety upgrades for your tennaments and metro stations. -Build a drone command, and set it to medium priotity targets to ...artifically reduce the number of criminals. Works nicely in junction with the Taj Mahal (you inherit the wealth of every dead citizen)
-If you do all of this, your criminals will start to reintegrate into your society at a rapid rate, so you might want to set the work mode of the immigration office to "Tropico First" to prevent unemployment.
Hope it helps!
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2020.07.22 11:34 fabulin [Update] the hedge from hell/IQ of 145

Update to this post.
So, a fair bit has happened since I replanted the hedges all those months ago. Most of the hedges predictably died despite watering from myself on visits and the angry resident. To cut a long story about the hedges planted they weren't suited to the soil nor are they reliable plants anyway which I had told him in the past.
He again demanded that I replace the plants "or else" which I straight up refused to do despite his threats. I'd already spent enough money and time on him and gone well outside my contractual obligations to accomidate and satisfy him but nothing was quite good enough for him, I was not going to do anymore than I had done already.
Even so though his demands and threats REALLY got to me, so much so that I contacted a member of the estates board of resident directors to have a moan. I sent the director my previous correspondance with the resident and the estate managers and he was pretty horrified about it.
2 days later I received a phone call from a different director who turned out to be a lawyer by trade. She was MAJORLY p*ssed off about the hedge resident to the point she'd personally done some research into his housing contract or whatever it is. All of the other residents have been nothing but positive, happy and understanding with the gardening and additional required works.
For clarification each ground level apartment has its own patio area behind garden areas with a rail fence between the boundary. Another rail fence closes off the garden to passersby. He had said that he owned the section of the garden outside his patio and had even removed the rail to expand his area. He's also put up his own decorations on the rails that enclosed the garden which really didn't fit or suit the theme of the rest of the building and gardens.
So it turned out that everything he'd said was a load of bull, he didn't own the garden outside his appartment's boundary nor did he have any right to remove the fence or demand a replant. Its all at the discretion of the directors as all of the gardens are communal no matter where they are situated.
The rest of the directors are fuming at this resident for overstepping his boundary and also for threatening me with legal action. They're all very appreciative for how I tried to handle it but are also apologetic about how I was treated, the lawyer even said I'd have legal grounds to file a complaint with the police which I won't be doing as I just want to put this issue behind me, he's had a stressful past few weeks already lol.
Anyway, as a way of "making it up to me" they've given me the go ahead to do a massive more replant, returf and mulching on the site so its worked out well enough for me in the end.
I still think this won't be the end of it though, he will probably do or say something else in the future but I've been instructed to just ignore all contact from him and to notify the board of directors whenever I'm contacted by him and they'll handle it.
It does feel good though to have him out of my hair and to be working for a decent hands on board of directors for a change. From my experience directors tend to just shrug their shoulders whenever there's a difficult resident
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2020.07.13 09:01 Beeg_Beeg_Chungus Do Calamity and Mod of Redemption mix well?

I'm starting a new modded playthrough, and I'm thinking of using both of these as they are my two favorite mods, but I'm a bit hesitant because I'm not sure how well it would work. I've heard calamity is pretty unbalanced when paired with other big content mods and I'm worried the progression from the two mods would fuck each other up a bit. If i do, I'd be playing on expert mode of course, to accomidate for redemption's lack of death mode support. Should I go for it, or just play one with some smaller mods enabled instead?
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2020.07.13 08:23 samfarts I'm struggling with motivation to keep living (vent)

This is a long post but I just needed somewhere to vent because I can't talk honestly to anyone at my house. Another thing - I'm not coming here to get sympathy points (though I won't turn them down), but knowing how much reading life-story posts has helped me, maybe some of this could help save someone else. TL;DR thingy will be at the bottom
Born in (and still stuck in) Utah County I was a TBM up until ~6 years ago (age 12-13). I was almost always alone at school for reasons not yet known, and became a manipulative little fuck to get my younger brother to help me feel better about myself, do my chores, etc. I don't remember exactly when, but I started doubting the church when puberty hit. Masturbation was literally the best thing to happen to me: It kept me out of severe depression (for a while). That led to me saving and hiding my 'homework' folder on my phone, but I was always on edge. Usually, I would excuse myself from the Sunday meetings a little before the sacrement to go 'relieve' myself, and I got away with it. I was lactose intolerant and prone to stress-induced abdominal migranes, so my extended bathroom visits weren't unusual. Eventually I cracked. I felt horrible because of the horrible things I'd been doing, and thought I was doing the right thing. Luckily for me, I never trusted anyone enough to tell anyone other than my parents (e.g. bishop), but I could still tell that there were a lot of people watching me not take the sacrement every week. It took about 2 weeks till I started wacking again. Our Stake had a 'Trek' activity one summer, and that's where things really started to click for me- I had extremely bad flat feet. I would walk home from the Junior High (middle school), less than a mile from our house, but my ankles and foot in general would start hurting so bad it would take me 45-50 minutes to walk home unless I got a ride home (which took ~4 minutes) About 3 days into the 6 day handcart trek, I wasn't able to go any more and rode behind the group in an ATV. My parents had been considering surgery to fix my feet, so I decided to lie to them. I made up some bullshit story of seeing and talking with someone who looked like one of my great-grandparents while pushing the carts and that he told me that I needed to get the surgery done. Of course, my parents ate it up, and we scheduled the surgeries to happen later that year. My mental state broke that school year (9th grade). I had 3 suicide attempts around 2 hospital stays because of a mix of depression, anxiety and stress being stirred up with ADHD, high functioning autism, and discovering I was bisexual. In 11th grade I finally told my parents I didn't believe in the church. My mom tried to be accomidating (a little, at least), but my dad seemed like he forgot about it a couple of weeks after I told him. I finally made myself look into church history, the CES letters, and starting talking to my oldest sister (moved out, married, left the church with her husband shortly after leaving house to avoid confrontation with family). This last school year, I finally managed to drop seminary from my high school schedule after getting rude and somewhat threatening notes after bringing up, in a lesson about how to look for the truth, that most people that left the church spent more time studying chuch history and doctrine than most members did. A little bit later, I kind of (but not really) came out to my at-home family. In the 'Come, follow me' lesson about the first vision, I brought up the 2 other account of the first vision and even read a little from the version in JS's journal. My parents looked like an alien had just taken my place and I went on a bit of a rant (which I learned from my dad) about how I couldn't accept how many hypocritical and contridictary things the church said to, and how I almost became part of the statistics in the teenage suicide epidemic in Utah (lots of LGBTQ+ kids). They finally stopped making me come to church, say prayers at family meals, and participate in anything related to church. The only person I can regularly talk to is my 1 'best friend', but that's been cut short because of COVID. I still talk to him over discord, but I've never had a physical relationship, or even something resembling any sort of intimate or close friendship to provide much needed psychological/emotional support, especially because it feels weird talking to my friend when I'm attracted to him a bit but know he's straight.
As it stands currently, I've been trying to get a job for the past 4 months to be able to pay for college while my parents are waiting to pull $100 a month to pull from me once I get a job for car insurance as if they couldn't get an extra $13k+ a year by not paying for someone elses multi-billion dollar hedgefund. I want to go into a course for auto mechanics, but my parents keep pushing me to go into high-level engineering so that I can make enough money to support my future self (probably imagining a nuclear family paying tithing with at least 3 kids). I'm scared to push back at all because my dad will yell at me if I don't agree with whatever he says mst of the time, and he already thinks I'm trying to manipulate him and my mom into letting me do whatever I want while having them still pay for me, usually launching into a monologue-esque talk about how 'life doesn't care about my feelings and won't change to meet my wants and whims'. I feel trapped in this house, and have started lapsing back into heavy depression/suicidal territory. I know that I have the rest of my life ahead of me, but I can't stop thinking about what my life could already be if the last 18 1/2 years of my life weren't taxed by this stupid cult. College will be starting in August for me an luckily I have a near-full tuition schollarship, but I'm still running out of things to look forward to in day-to-day life and don't think I'll make it through the next school year. I literally get more emotional support from smut discord servers than my parents and more motivation from my 15 sub youtube sideproject than anything else in life.
TL;DR Pan/bisexual, High functioning autistic 18 (almost 19) year old struggling with a resurgence of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations. College is coming up but I feel like I have to do the courses I'm enrolled in even though I'm not really interested in them, and can't look forward to moving out of a mormon household because I can't find any jobs, and am barely holding on.
EDIT: just so I have another thing to aim for to not die, I'll try and give updates once every blue moon
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2020.07.06 03:55 hashtagtotheface Getting into dog grooming as a disabled person

I have always worked with animals and up until covid I was running my own photography studio. I did a few years in pet stores. Many years in customer service, management and training others.
I am a partial wheelchair user. I can't be on my feet all day. I use my chair, stools, and can walk short distances I just get compression on my lower spine where I lose feeling in my legs and get partial paralysis.
Im not sure how much you have to lift and what exactly that would entail.
I've been working with training my service dog for the last two years and am used to working with animals in the chair.
I know I would need some accomidations but I'm not sure what exactly. A shorter table? Is there anything that's says you have to stand to be able to do the job. I've seen some tiny girls as groomers who are able to do lifting. Its getting on the heavy end but i can lift an 80 lbs dog if I have to to a normal table height but I'd not want to do it too many times a day. If I could have a shorter table I can lift more. I also have no issue sitting and leaning over etc to wash. I also can sit on a floor for hours if needed.
I don't want to run into an issue where an employer won't even look at me if I take the plunge and go to a school for it.
I haven't gone looking for a job really and have no idea with disclosing disabilities and hiring when disabled. I thought about just going into it at a washer drier to see if I can handle to job for 8 hours. Thought I'd still need to apply and I haven't had a job I needed to apply for in over ten years. I'm 33 going into this and I want to be given an equal opportunity to try. Do I apply and tell them I'm disabled on my resume? Or tell them in the interview? Or tell them once the job offer is given and you are signing paperwork?
Many of my fellow disabled friends tend to tell them after they are hired so they can't be discriminated against. I don't know how I feel about it but I also don't want to be weeded out when I could do the job albeit a bit altered which I believe they have to give you reasonable accomidations.
So is there anything about the job that would stop me right away? Like is there a specific weight you have to be able to lift and a certain height? Or when it says be on your feet 8 hours a day do they mean that literally? Or are there accomidations that can be made. Or if I get the ability to use a stool and will that cause tension with others workers wanting to sit down as well. Lots of diffrent options to consider.
Also to add I'd be going into it because I enjoy it. I don't have to work or be worried about money. I'd eventually want to turn the basement into a salon of my own after a few years of exp and such. I'd offer grooming and pet portraits.
Tldr - what does it look in the grooming industry as a disabled person. Is there written requirements?
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2020.07.04 14:42 OutspokenFerret Building Necrons with 9th Edition Overhaul Looming

Hello! I am a newbie, only owning a bit of AdMech. I started in 7th around the release of AdMech, but fell off after 8th edition dropped and all the rules I spent tons of time learning had changed. I had always wanted to play a Xeno race, namely Necrons, 'Nids or Orks, but 'Nids and Orks are likely out of my price range. At the time, I didn't want to play Necrons because we already had a friend with a full Necron suite and my friends were tired of getting stomped by every flavor of them (7th ed 'Crons).
Fast forward through 8th's lifespan, a few more mates have gotten into 40k and I have decided to give it another go myself. My friend who previously had Necrons has sold them and the rest have had all of 8th edition to lick their Gauss-inflicted wounds. I also heard that Necrons are about to get a ton of love from GW in the next few months. Seems like a perfect time for me to start building Necrons. I have two friends picking up the Indominus box and were looking for a place to offload their Necron halfs of the box, so I told them to look no further. I figured I'd be able to use most of these units to jumpstart my army and pick up a few other key pieces to round out a solid first list.
Herein lies the problem. I've heard that Necrons are getting almost all new models for existing units which could even have new wargeaweapon options that older sprues obviously won't be able to accomidate. I am worried about buying anything before these new boxes and codex release. Were that not to really be an issue, I would love to pick up some models and start building/prepping for the Indominus box.
I'm wondering if there are any units I can feel safe picking up or should I just be patient and wait for the new boxes? I would love to at least get my hands on some stuff so long as it isn't going to bite me later. I am also worried that it may be difficult to secure the new boxes on release, leaving me with an incomplete army for months. Heck, I'm even spooked that they'll RP to be glorified FnP (as rumoured) and severely injure the identity of the faction. I am not overly worried about them being a powerhouse or anything, but I want to feel like Im doing "Necron things" when I play.
TL;DR: New Player wants to build Necrons, is getting Indominus box Necrons from mates. Worried about buying any models before the overhaul/new stuff comes out. Wants to hear the opinion/advice of more experienced 40k and Necron players.
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2020.07.02 19:39 JenniSlutTest Poly' relationships are hard. (AITA?)

TLDR - Poly BF Dates everyone around me, telling me how great they are. I break up with them because of how much them doing it hurts me. AITA? And should I try and sort things out between me and him?
This is gonna be a long post, as i want to get this all off of my chest. - names have been changed to protect identities.
I F22, been partners with M19 for two years until about a month ago. Lets call him Sam.
The first year has gone well, we were a happy couple. However into the second year, he started looking at other people, and we'd talked about it. - and discussed how we can both find other people outside of our relationship attractive.
However when he'd talk about the person he thought was attractive, it seemed more like an obsession, with him telling me constantly about how wonderful they were. (This happend twice - during our second year of dating).
Christmas last year rolls around and Sam and my other roommate (lets call her Dani) ask how I'd feel about those two dating and becoming part of a "V" relationship. With him in the middle and her and me as their two partners. I liked them both, but didn't see Dani in a romantic or sexual way at all. But I thought I was okay with it. So Sam came out as both Bisexual and Polyamprous to me and Dani.
As time went on Sam seemed to want to spend more time with Dani, sleeping with her but also being somewhat sneaky about things. With Dani never really talkimgbto me during this time or even acknowledging their relationship was a thing. And so I felt unloved and kept putting myself as second best, which only made Sam want to spend more time with Dani.
Fast forward to just before lockdown, and Dani and Sam had broken up - which sucks as I did genuinely try to support them. With this Sam came back to me, but not for long as they'd started looking on an LGBT dating app. - Fair enough. I'll let him get on with it. And he met some really not-great people including someone who was reallt weird and demanding of him. But I didn't tell him to stop (as I wanted to come to the conclusion that Stacey was a nasty person), and I only said to Sam what my thoughts were on her.
About a month into lockdown I put my partner into an ultimatum (without thier knowledge), where after a huge fight, if they didn't want to talk to me before I'd travel back home from Uni-accomidation, then I'd break up with them. The day before I was headed home they decided to talk to me after a week and a bit of no comunication at all. - even though we lived in the same apartment. We made up and I told him about how I was feeling both the ultimatum, and how thier constant doting on others was making me feel unloved. And we vowed to work on the relationship between one another before he'd continue looking for more poly partners.
A week after I'd gone back home Sam said he'd met someone on the app and that he wouldnt go any futher than friends with them until we'd sorted put mine and his relationship. But kept telling me how amazing they were just like evry other person he'd been attracted too. Hurt I couldn't take it anymore, and broke up with Sam.
Was I wrong to do this? AITA? And should I msg Sam and talk to him, as lockdown is really getting me down.
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2020.06.29 15:30 wackyjackietobaccy Any real difference between jumbo and small crabs?

Ive had 3 crabs for 1 year. 2 small one medium. We went on vacation to the beach and while me and my daughter were out having a girls day my sons gma bought him a hermit crab in a painted shell the size of a softball basically and sends him home with us. She had no clue that we even had crabs already or the set up. They are in a 40 gal with all the necessities, climbing wall, heater, pools, logs, hidey holes, plants. Ive doubled the substrate to accomidate him. Basically whay im saying is there anything really different about this guy that i need to know or should i just keep doing what im doing?
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2020.06.28 13:22 SpookyCurlywurly The Wailing Man

Warning this is gonna be a long one! So, i go to a university in the UK and live in the on campus accomidation. Theres a guy that lives in the flat next to my block, we will call him Kevin. Kevin used to be on my course but was very rude to the lectueres and students. Nothing offensive just rude. For example he would often start arguing with lecturers about the topics they are teaching. I wont say what course i do but the point is the topics arnt exactly contraversial nor did the lecturers explain them in a very contraversial way. Sometimes he would just put his hand up as if he was going to ask a question and just repeat what he lecturer said back to them but as if it was a question, usually the lecturer would just confirm that he was right and go on with the lesson (all be it noticably annoyed at the meaningless interuption).
Well Kevin stopped coming to lectures and i later found out that there was an undisclosed "incident" and he no longer is on the course. But thats not where it ends. I noticed he would still go outside to smoke, meaning he still lived on campus. (A note about Kevin, hes an avarage size and build white male. Hes a mature student, id say around early 40s. Theres nothing wrong with that but it is unusual for someone that age to live in the on canpus accomidation. But again, nothing wrong with it. Just slightly unusual. He also has spiked black hair that isent styled. It looks like hes trying to have a spikey mohawk but he has too much hair all over his head and its clear that the hair he has isent cut to be styled that way. This gives him the effect of looking more like a bird or something rather than someone with a hair style).
So back to the story, i also heard that the people who lived in the same flat as kevin were really scared of him. The reason being that he would bark loudly in his room which was aparently for his mix tape. This was aparently so jarring to them that campus security was called and he argued with them so much that the police where called and he argued with them too! I dont know if he was arrested or charged with anything nor can i confirm that part is true, it may well just have been a rumour but given what im about to tell you i can easily believe it. Anyway, my class would often talk about where Kevin went and one day we found that he used to be homeless. We know this because one day he was in the library and typing an email when he got ip to go somewhere, someone from our class caught a glance at the email. It basically detailed that he needed more money or something and he has nowhere to go because he used to be homeless. At this point we all felt kinda bad for the guy and its this information that led me to not call the campus security earlier.
Well some time passes and Kevin still smokes outside. I got to chatting with one of the cleaners in my block once and it turns out she and some other cleaners are scared of hin becuase when they would come into his room to clean it he would ask them all sorts of weird questions in a vaugley agressive way. Like asking where their accent is from and acting strange when they gave an answer. Its at this point i should also mention that Kevin has poor social skills. He kinda stares at people in the eye for too long and his mannerisms are agressive which given his rudness and slightly disheveled apperence makes him very intimidating. Well anyway, in my block theres a long outdoor hallway and me and my friend, who lives on the other end of the hallway both had noticed that at night time we could hear someone shouting agressivley but non of us could ever make out any real words. It also sounded like there were 2 people doing it so the only thing we could imagine was that two men were arguing every night. It wasent very likley but it was our best guess.
Well cut to about a month ago and it turns out it was Kevin. Just Kevin. I know this because when coming home one night i heard the noise and recorded it. It sounded terrifying. Like multiple people coming from one voice. I have since seen through my window that its definetly him just saying nonsence words and shouting them. Ill post the video after this. So if that wasent creepy enough, today i woke up and was making breakfast, Kevin was outside smoking and i was just looking outside (im on the ground floor) and he yelled "you aright?" I dident reply just nodded my head a little. I guess he dident see me becuase he then yelled "is there a problem?" I looked at him confused wondering if this guy was serious. He walked over to my window and started yelling asking if i have a problem. I eventually replied that i dont and when he asked why i was staring i told him its my window and i can look out of it all i wanted. He persisted and kept asking if theres a problem and if i wanted to come outside. Needless to say i was shocked that this guy was really trying to fight me at 8 in the morning while im trying to make toast. Fed up with the situation i told him i was calling security.
This is where things got pretty annoying. I called security and they basically told me they know all about him and they tried to assure me that hes not a threat. This is bullshit. Hes a 40 year old man whos asking me to come outside and sort out a problem at 8 in the morning. How on earth thats not threatening enough is beyond me. Anyway they did go and knock on his door but he dident answer so they left. This annoyed me even more because if the roles were reversed id probably be expelled for doing something like that as would pretty much anyone. Then security came to me and told me the same thing that they are doing back ground stuff to deal with him and that im not in danger and to just ignore him and call back of he tried anything again. Later today i called and asked if they went back to him and they said they did and talked to him and that its all been reported. But it dosent sound like they are actually gonna do anything. Its near the end of the acedemic year and peoples accomidation contracts will be expiring soon so i guess they are just gonna let him leave when hes supposed too. I dont know if he moved course or was forced to quit and they just cant kick him out of accomidation or something. Hopefully nothing else happens. But if it does ill let you know.
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2020.06.24 13:06 Albamc35 [Right Libertarians] Got a few things to say about the NAP

Firsty, is it prounced 'N-A-P' or 'nap?' Anyway...
My first problem is the legal justifacation to kill someone.
If someone breaks the NAP, this means someone has the legal right to defend themselves, through any means necessary, which includes extreme retaliation like murder. Surely this is similar to what the police does, something you guys claim to hate?
Also, how do you expect the average person to have the guts to take responsponsablity to protect themselves, others and their property by whatever means necessary?
And if someone was found to have killed someone, used the justification of the NAP, and someone later found out that the person killed was not in violation of the NAP, how would the shooter be brought to justice? What would the punishment be and who decides it?
My second problem is desprate measures.
If a man broke into a store or a house because they were starving or extremly thirsty, this would technically break the NAP. This means that the property owner can take any means necessay to defend their property against a man who is doing it in the sake of desperation. What justification do you have for that?
And if you want to exclude that from the NAP, what stops people who are not hungry or thirsty from just breaking into property and using that justification?
My last problem is inconsistencies
I would like to point out how driving is inccomatable with the NAP, as pollution violates property rights. Would you change your version of the NAP to accomidate this, and if so, wouldn't that be inconsistant with with the whole 'everything derives from property rights' stuff (or whatever it is)?
In fact, driving also violates the NAP because it will always pose some level of risk to other people, therefore always threatning bodily autonomy. How would you accomidate for this, and again, wouldn't any change to accommodate for this be inconsistant?
Just two more additional questions I want to ask: is inheriteted property justified property? Why should they deserve the right to that property wihout 'earning' it?
And second, what if, out of a community of 1000 or something similar, 1 single person does not agree to the NAP? If you went ahead with the NAP on that one person who did not sign it, that would be involuntary
Sorry this went on for a while, just wanted to put my big critizims out there
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